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Sarah Bollinger Memorial
Silkscreen on wood

Commissioned by her friends at the Cambridge Center for Adult Ed

Sarah Bollinger was a true friend who will live forever in our hearts
Our friend made Genoese cakes  
Our friend wore Marimekko exclusively for 30 years    
Our friend carried a big purse   
Our friend liked to dance with fireflies 
Our friend liked to ride bikes    
Our friend had a house full of books 
Our friend grew a kiwi on her front porch
Our friend had fiery red hair 
Our friend flew to England with the brides wedding cake packed in her suitcase
Our friend designed the national flag for Aruba
Our friend named her dogs Alice Munro and Eleanor Wylie
Our friend liked to play matchmaker for her friends
Our friend threw elaborate dinner parities
Our friend cooked on all four burners
Our friend always had a book project in the works
Our friend had a sauna in the backyard

"I find I have so much to do and then I say to myself 'I'll just do it after the funeral.” Sarah Bollinger (1938 – 2011)



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