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Sarah Hutt is a mixed media sculptor whose work focuses on memory, dreams and the ever-changing reality they create. Using everyday objects pieces have an interactive content. She is a graduate of the Boston Museum School and winner of a 5th year Fellowship.

As a long-time resident of Boston’s South End, she was a key player in establishing the first successful mixed-use artist live/work space utilizing a surplus city-owned building in 1990, and has consulted on other similar projects around the country.

She serves as a panelist, visiting artist and lecturer to numerous museums, galleries and organizations throughout the country, as well as sitting on numerous boards of directors and community advisory groups. Hutt has a longstanding background in the arts and works as a consultant advising developers on master plans for including public art in new developments and creating maintenance masteplans for private and public art collections. In her capacity as a consultant she advocates creating economic opportunities for visual artists, coordinating temporary public art projects, and creating collaborations between individual artists and community organizations. She is the former Director of Visual Arts for the City of Boston.

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