My Mother's Legacy
68 pages
8 x 8"
ISBN # 0-9743417-0-3

Moving tribute to writers' mother Cameilia Louise Ann Colonnese Hutt. Based on 1,000 memories, a collection of endearing and sometimes mundane habits and rituals that make-up a persons character. Examples from the book; "My mother wore high heels", "My mother said black was for old ladies", "My mother said don't trust a man that can't dance", "My mother did handstands".

You can see your mother, your daughter, and your friends in this book. Is a wonderful way to say thank you to someone you love.

Assemblage 31 a Critical Journal of Architecture and Design Culture (31) Paperback 8 x 10"
100 pages
Publisher: MIT Press (1996)
ISBN-10: 0262758903
ISBN-13: 978-0262758901

a critical journal of architecture and design culture, published by MIT press, this issue with articles written byBecherer and Ksiazek, cover and endleaves artwork by Sarah Hutt














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